Home Heating Oil Payment Plan

Would you like to pay a small heating oil bill every month rather than having to pay large one off bills when your fuel is topped up? Oakleys Fuels provides a home heating oil payment plan, helping you to spread your costs and manage your fuel bills.

Small monthly payments, to break-down the cost of your fuel.

The Oakleys Fuel Heating Oil Plan is:
  • Tailored to your usage;
  • Based on 12 monthly payments to break down the costs;
  • Regular reviews to ensure your usage and payment options is correct
Access to the heating plan is subject to passing a credit check, and a minimum of 2 payments need to be made before an order can be made. There is no minimum term of contract, but with our competitive prices and our high level of service we like to think you will stick with us.
Our promise to you:
  • We will work with you to identify your average expenditure of heating oil and then agree a monthly payment plan that will cover your heating oil costs.
  • Regular account reviews will take place monitoring the payment and usage.
  • There is no minimum term of contract, but with our competitive prices and our high level of service we like to think you will stick with us.
If you are using too much then we will ask you to increase the size of your payments, but if you use less than expected then we can refund you the balance, which is always a nice unexpected bonus! Domestic heating oil users using the payment plan may also be interested in the Planned Top Up Service. Oakleys Fuels will ensure your oil is topped up on a regular basis; establishing how much oil you use over a set period, when your last delivery was and when you will be needing to top up based on estimated usage – and finally making a planned delivery so you never run out, find out more information here.
Oakleys Fuel Oils Home Heating Oil

Instant Ordering

If you require a home heating oil top up, and would like to order fuel as and when required, paying in full for the order, why not take a look at the our online ordering system, providing instant quotes and payment options making it quick and easy to order your fuel.

Order online – click here to get an instant quote.


To order online our drivers must be able to gain access to your tank at any time during the delivery window that you have requested. To help you with this we can send you a text message the day before delivery, ensuring you can make any necessary preparations (unlock the gate etc) before they arrive.

If you would prefer to order over the phone, then please get in touch with one of our depots to confirm and pay for your order, our helpful office staff will be happy to assist and to answer any questions you may have.

Home Heating Oil Payment Plan



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