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Home Heating Oil Products

Home Heating Oil Minimum delivery 500 litres

Oakleys Fuels Home Heating Oil: This is Oakleys Fuels regular 28 second kerosene product which most oil fired home boilers run on. For quotes and to order online, visit our Online Ordering System here or contact our team directly.

Oakleys Fuels Kleen Burn Kerosene (KBK):  Oakleys Fuels KBK is a premium, high quality 28 second heating oil specially formulated to burn at maximum possible efficiency. Please click for a quote.

Oakleys Fuels Gas Oil: Oakleys Fuels 35 second Gas Oil is used occasionally in home heating boilers. It is less combustible than kerosene but does give slightly more heat per unit. Oakleys Fuels Gas Oil is otherwise known as red diesel and is more commonly used in agriculture and industry. Please click for a quote.

Oakleys Fuels Vapourising Boiler Additive (VBA): Designed specifically for use in vapourising boilers like Agas and Rayburn, Oakleys Fuels VBA minimises the build-up of sooty deposits to ensure optimum operating efficiency. To find out more, go to Aga Rayburn Additive or contact us to place an order.

If you are unsure as to which type of oil you need, please either ask your local boiler servicing agent or contact us with details of your boiler.

Delivery Services

Standard Delivery: If you simply require a standard tank fill, you can make a price enquiry either by using our Online Oil Ordering System or by contacting us directly. Standard delivery will typically take 2-3 days (dependent on availability).

Planned Delivery Scheme: Our Planned Delivery Scheme is designed so that we (and not you) can worry about when you will next need a top up. Based on your previous oil consumption record at specific times of the year, we assess when you are likely to be running low and arrange a top up.

Emergency Deliveries: In normal circumstances and providing we have spare capacity in our delivery schedule, we are happy to provide emergency deliveries at short notice. Where an emergency delivery has to be made outside of a pre-defined delivery schedule, an additional charge may be incurred.

Payment Methods

Credit/Debit Card: Please have your credit or debit card details available at the time of order. Please note that payment by credit card will incur a small additional admin fee.

Account Facilities: Available on application subject to credit status.

Heating Oil Payment Plan: Available on application subject to credit status. Customers will be required to follow a monthly payment plan with a minimum of 2 payments made before any fuel orders will be accepted.


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