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Oil Tank Accessories

Oakleys Fuels supply a range of oil tank accessories designed to make your oil tank and system run as smoothly, efficiently and trouble-free as possible. Please call us for more information about the products listed below. Delivery of your oil tank accessories can be made free of charge with your next order of home heating oil, alternatively, they can be picked up from our depots in Telford and Tamworth. Oakleys Fuels also supply heating oil storage tanks for domestic users.

Electronic remote oil level monitor

The Apollo electronic oil level monitor displays your tank heating oil level remotely from your oil tank to within your home. These handy oil tank accessories, have a green conical monitor that can screw into 20, 32 or 38mm gauge holes in your storage tank (these are standard to most plastic oil tanks) and transmits the oil level to the display monitor. This plugs into any 13-amp power point in your home. The monitor carries a long-life lithium battery and comes with a three-year warranty. This useful oil storage tank gadget will monitor your oil levels at all times – helping you to avoid unexpectedly running out of oil.


Take water from your oil tank

Water can spell trouble in heating oil tanks. It encourages the growth of sludge that can block the feed to the boiler, clog filters and damage the boiler burner. It can also freeze to block the outlet hole. The Tank Dryer is a simple, low-cost product that can be lowered into your tank through its filler hole. These oil tank accessories sit on the bottom of the oil tank and suck up water while leaving the oil untouched. After a few days or weeks, you lift the Tank Dryer out of your oil storage tank, along with the absorbed water. We recommend the use of Tank Dryers as often as necessary to remove water from the bottom of your oil storage tank.

Tank Dryer

Use Oakleys Fuels Aga Rayburn Additive to keep your vaporising boiler burning

For customers that use vaporising boilers – Aga or Rayburn models for instance – we recommend the use of our specially formulated additive Oakleys Fuels VBA that helps keep oil storage tanks and fuel supply lines free of sludge whilst at the same time mitigating the build-up of sooty deposits around the oil burner.

Prevent heating oil theft

For customers for whom heating oil theft is a concern, we recommend the Tanklock Spinsecure. This is a device that fits a standard threaded two inch fill point inlet on a storage tank. Unlike most tank locking devices, the Spinsecure locks and then spins freely, making it almost impossible for thieves to remove with a crowbar, making it a one of our most popular oil tank accessories.

Anti Theft

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