Oakleys Fuel Oils -Introduce a Friend Reward Scheme

We are always looking to find new business and we recognise that there is no better way of doing this other than getting help from our loyal customers. i.e. the people who know us best!

We are really grateful to all those who recommend us to their friends, neighbours or/and family and therefor we would like to offer both our old and new customers a little reward to say thank you.

Want to know what your unique voucher code is? Then please give us a ring and one of our helpful staff will let you know what it is.

How it works

Each one of our customers will have a unique voucher code created and stored against their account.
This voucher code cannot be used by the account owner until a ‘new customer’ has used it to order their fuel (and saved £10).
Once the person you have introduced has used your voucher code, then you can use it to reduce your next oil bill by £10.

Some basic rules

You can introduce as many friends as you like (and receive £10 off each time).
Vouchers can only be used with domestic heating oil accounts only.
We will be running this scheme indefinitely so feel free to hand out your voucher code for many months and years to come.
Only one voucher code can be used for each order.
What counts as a ‘new customer’…
Anyone who has never ordered from Oakleys
Anyone who has not ordered from Oakleys in over 2 years


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