Heating Oil Payment Plan

Would you like to spread the cost of heating oil evenly throughout the year?

Why not join Oakleys Fuels Heating Oil Payment Plan – helping you to manage the cost of heating your home, ensuring you don’t receive any large and unexpected bills and giving you peace of mind that you can heat your home throughout the year.

Based in Telford and Kingsbury, Oakleys Fuels is a local fuel oil distributor working across the West Midlands. We understand our customers want to make ordering, paying and heating their home as simple as possible – so we have put in place a number of payment plans and fuel management services to help.

The payment plan is easy to set up and manage – taking away a task that can easily be forgotten when life takes over, so you only have to remember to order when your heating oil supply needs topping up – no worrying about the bill. It simply requires you to do the following:

  • Set up an agreed Direct Debit – this will be based on your approximated usage with a minimum monthly payment set to avoid any unexpected billing issues such as a short fall of funds or large overpayments;
  • You will receive a quarterly statement so you will always know how much you have paid and your remaining credit;
  • Payment review every 6 months – we know customers’ circumstances change all the time, your payment and usage is reviewed regularly to ensure it is appropriate to your home heating oil usage.

Once your budget payment plan is in place you can order your heating oil based on your current requirements* or alternatively use Oakleys Fuels Planned Delivery Service. Through the planned delivery service we will set a schedule of deliveries throughout the year, giving you peace of mind and taking the worry out of running out of fuel when you need it most.

Now is the perfect time to consider Oakleys Fuels heating oil payment plan. The easy payment scheme will be ideal for customers looking to spread the cost of their Autumn/Winter 2016 bills over the year, taking the worry out of paying one large bill.

If you would like to know more about Oakleys Fuels Heating Oil Payment Plan, or to apply for a payment plan (subject to meeting acceptance Terms and Conditions), please get in touch with Jane at our Kingsbury office today, you can call Jane direct on 01827 875588 or if you prefer by email jane@oakleysfueloils.co.uk.

 * A minimum of 2 monthly payments will be required before you can order under the scheme.


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