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Farm Fuels, Additives and Lubricants

Minimum delivery 500 litres

With our farming heritage we understand the importance of having a professional and reliable partner who has a comprehensive range of farm fuels to meet your requirements.  We have been supplying farm fuels since 1969 to farms and agricultural-based businesses throughout the Midlands and Mid-Wales.

We supply a complete range of farm fuels including red diesel for vehicles, kerosene for home heating plus additives and lubricants, our products include:

Oakleys Fuels Gas Oil: Better known as 35 second Red diesel.  Please click for a quote;

Oakleys Fuels Road Derv: Better known as white diesel. Please click for a quote;

Oakleys Fuels Heating Oil: Cost effective 28 second kerosene product suitable for use in most oil fired central heating systems. Please click for a quote;

Oakleys Kleen Burn Kerosene (KBK): Oakleys KBK is a premium, high quality heating oil specially formulated to burn at maximum possible efficiency. Please click for a quote;

Oakleys Vapourising Boiler Additive (VBA): Designed for use with vapourising boilers like Agas and Rayburn, Oakleys VBA minimises the build-up of sooty deposits to ensure optimum operating performance. See Aga Rayburn Additive for further details.

Agricultural Lubricants: We supply a wide range of lubricants for all agricultural applications. See Lubricants for further details.

Oakleys Ad Blu: We supply Ad Blu for compliance with European diesel engine emissions standards. We can supply either in bulk or in 200 litre containers. Alternatively Oakleys Ad Blu can be collected from a dispenser at our Telford depot.

Delivery Services

Standard Delivery:  If you simply require a standard tank fill, you can make a price enquiry either by using the quote function on this website or by contacting us directly. Exceptional circumstances permitting, standard deliveries will be made within one to three days from the time of order.

Emergency Deliveries:  In normal circumstances and providing we have spare capacity in our delivery schedule, we are happy to provide emergency deliveries at short notice. Where an emergency delivery has to be made outside of a pre-defined delivery schedule, an additional charge may be incurred.

Payment Methods

Credit/Debit Card: Please have your credit or debit card details available at the time of order. Please note that payment by credit card will incur a small additional admin fee.

Account Facilities: Available via a Direct Debit on application subject to credit status.

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