Fuel Cards

An effective means of managing regular fuel purchases.Oakleys Fuels have been working with commercial businesses throughout the Midlands for nearly 50 years. Our fuel cards keep your business operational at all times.

An effective means of managing regular fuel purchases.

Nationwide Coverage An Oakleys Fuel Card gives you access to our 24/7 fully automated, card operated white diesel, red diesel and Adblue refuelling facilities at our Telford depot. In addition, you can use our fuel card across the UK at any site that is a member of the UK Fuels network which has over 300 sites throughout the UK.  So if the petrol station, services or commercial premises accept the UK Fuel Card you can fill up, using your Oakleys Fuel Card. For farms and businesses with significant automotive fuel requirements for operating farm machinery, running trucks, company cars and van fleets this can be an easy and efficient solution.  The Oakleys Fuel Card is an effective means of managing regular fuel purchases, removing the requirement for company credit cards, cash and receipts.  
Oakleys Fuel Card Key Features Include:
  • Fixed prices across all network depots – a price is set by Oakleys Fuels on 12.01am on a Monday and will not change again for a full week, if fuel prices are static this price could remain in place for longer. Card Fuel users are notified by email, text or letter when prices change, ahead of the fuel price change;
  • PIN (Personal Identification Number) protected cards – each card has an individual PIN, so if the card is lost it cannot be used fraudulently without the PIN. Each account can have an unlimited number of Fuel Cards;
  • You will receive an itemised weekly invoice by email or post that accurately itemises all of your fuel drawings for each card such as where the fuel was drawn, at what time and by which card.  This Fuel Card information facilitates easy usage monitoring and administration;
  • Quick and easy to set up subject to credit check.  This services is only provided on account with variable payment terms such as weekly and monthly payments depending on the customer, hence the requirement for a company credit check.  It typically takes between 7-10 days from application to receiving your card, once you receive your new fuel card it is immediately activation and ready for use;
  • The Oakleys Fuel Card is administered by a dedicated Account Manager, based at our Telford depot, on hand Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm to answer any queries you may have, to report lost cards and to order new cards.
To find out more about how our Fuel Card service can benefit your business, please contact us.

Fuel Cards



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