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Our Responsibilities

Oakleys Fuels is a registered member of the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS), the trade association for the oil distribution industry in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. As a member we are obligated to comply with The Associations Code of Practice with regard to trading and environmental legislation and standards.

In recognising that oil products are extremley hazardous to the environment, we take our responsibilities very seriously indeed. All our drivers are trained to ADR standards including spill prevention and risk assessment on delivery procedures.  Our storage depots are checked periodically to ensure we meet the required environmental legislation.

Fuel User’s Responsibilities

It is also important that our customers are aware of the environmental legislation relating to home heating oil use and storage.

In order to help you get the best out of your heating oil, you will find below some essential information including advice on how to safely store heating oil as well as some useful web-links where you can find out everything there is to know about the heating oil industry including some helpful energy saving tips.

What is the law on fuel oil storage?

The government’s Environment Agency is responsible for enforcing environmental legislation and oil storage regulations (OSR) in England and Wales. Their approach is to work with people, providing advice and guidance, but they do have powers to prosecute in cases of negligence. A little oil can go a long way once spilt, travelling through the ground into waterways. Even a small oil spillage can harm your local environment. As such we recommend that our customers regularly check their oil tanks for leaks, particularly before a delivery – Oakleys drivers will be happy to carry out an assessment if requested. We also recommend that your household insurance covers oil spills as they can be costly to clean up.

What should I do if I discover an oil leak or spill?

As soon as you discover an oil leak or spill, you should contact the Environment Agency emergency hotline on 0800 80 70 60. It is also a good idea to have a spill kit on hand so you can mop up the worst straight away. This should contain absorbent materials, drain blockers and sealing putty.

For more detailed information about preventing oil pollution and maintaining or replacing your oil tank, the Environment Agency, Oftec and the FPS have recently released a helpful document called Get To Know Your Oil Tank.

For further information about heating oil in general, including advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of your oil heating system, we recommend the Oilsave website.

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